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Love Is A Stranger Danger Will Robinson

Shy teenager Will has the emotional rollercoaster ride of his life when he unexpectedly glows up and has to fight to keep his best friend, his true love and his sanity! High school hijinks and haute couture galore in Love is a Stranger Danger, Will Robinson.

Will v2.png

I hadn't found my Young Adult voice until midway through my Master's Degree. I received good scores for the pieces I created (Merit and Distinction) but, more importantly, I received great feedback from my peers and my "Beta Readers". It took a while for me to get over my self-imposed Imposter Syndrome, but I'm very pleased I did. Now, the universe I created for myself as much as for my studies is expanding into a series of full-length novels.

My writing focuses on queer teens obtaining joy by embracing their authentic selves; My plots eschew the prolonged anguish of dystopian Coming Out tropes and the trauma of Othering. I focus instead on queer teens as heroes finding their euphoria.

SPOILER: No one buries my gays.

Emily Corrin is Totally Buggin' Right Now

A precocious 21st Century Teen Queen has an existential crisis walking to school one morning. If that wasn't Monday enough, she doesn't even get to finish her foamable oat vanilla latte before she falls through time, takes on Section 28, and meets her 90s match, the sensational Camilla Dering in Emily Corrin is Totally Buggin’ Right Now.


Six Have a Lovely Time in Dorset

As the light of a "last summer" fades, timeless friendships are made in a rambling country house. Destinies entwine and worlds collide in this affectionate homage to the ‘Golden Age' of Children’s Literature. What fun when Six Have a Lovely Time in Dorset.

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