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When I was a boy...

There were two things I knew I could do:

  • I could perform

  • I could tell stories.

These stories weren't me crying wolf. Instead, they became known as Timmy Tales and were renowned within my family circle for their inventiveness and dramatic flair. I was thrilled when I learned how storying works, and then the stories never stopped. 

There were stories wherever I went, whether at home or falling in love with Europe. Short stories, musicals, novellas, plays and even a couple of soap operas. Sometimes I acted. Sometimes people noticed. It all thrilled me. I got the acting buzz for real, and I waited to become a star.

Intense stage fright and other sensibilities took over in my teens. I found solace working within the soapy melodrama of one of the world's most glamorous department stores. I had a brief flirtation with the beauty industry. I turned to finance because figures are the family business, and I already spoke enough of that language to understand (now I talk it like a native!).


But when my life rearranged in ways I'd not imagined - and I'd imagined a lot - I felt the urge of other peoples' stories calling me back to creativity and performance.

I studied English at degree level as a mid-thirties "mindfulness" hobby and accidentally discovered a passion for Children's Literature. I pursued this passion at MA level and found my love for crafting Young Adult fiction. I still love Children's Literature and now continue my academic interest in the broader field, focusing mainly on fairy tales, picture books and Young Adult texts.

I've come full circle, mesmerised by the performativity of storytelling. When I began studying copywriting, two more things became clear:

  • I love content

  • I really am a briefs man!


The actor in me realised writing briefs* were like directors or the outline of a script. The rest was over to me, and it was down to me to tell the content's story and engage the audience.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.


If you're sitting comfortably, let's begin...

*I have a preference for other briefs too.

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